Mutually Assured Drunkenness

Cross-Promotion Program

You're here because you love beer, beer reviews and want to find a way to reach more people. Well, that's exactly like us. Mr Muchacho has put together, through the cloud of drunkenness, a cross-promotion program designed to help us all grow. There is no cost for this program, it's about helping each other.

We'll mirror your actions plus 10% more!

Mr Muchacho's M.A.D. cross-promotion program is a way for us all to reach more people while growing our audiences and community by sharing, cross-promoting and showcasing each others beer related content. Connect with us on our various social platforms as a way to increase your own community of beer loving maniacs and aficionados. After all, what's better than getting drunk with friends? 

Mr Muchacho and crew, hard at work planning world domination.

Mr Muchacho has a few ideas below that you can participate in:

Like/Comment/Share Muchacho Content Engaging with our content is a great way to do simple cross-promotions.

Follow/Like/Subscribe Muchacho Profiles Follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page, Friend us on UNTAPPD, Follow us on Instagram.

Youtube Card Cross-Promote On our Youtube channel, add a 'Card' to your video promoting our channel. Make sure to also subscribe.

Youtube Challenge Create a beer related video and challenge us to a beer review.

What's comes next?

  1. Email us at Awesome@MrMuchacho.com and let us know what you're going to do with our content from any of our platforms listed below and we'll make sure to do the same with yours. It's important that you provide links to your platforms in your email.
  2. Complete the actions you mentioned in your email.
  3. Within 24 hours we'll mirror your actions (+10% more) using the links you provided in your email to us. eg: 'Like' 10 of our videos and we'll 'Like' 11 of yours.

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